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Where can I buy design panels?

You can purchase panels at illi e-store and in person at RIPO furniture and interior showrooms in Riga. As well as in the RIPO production complex in Pinki, 2 Hanzas Street.

Can illi panels be ordered with delivery?

Yes, it is possible to deliver illi panels by RIPO transport or courier. Delivery prices according to the price list. The panels can also be received the next day after placing the order at 2 Hanzas Street, Pinki, free of charge. 

  • Required number of panels

Nepieciešamais paneļu skaits

How to find out the required number of panels

The most convenient and fastest way to find out how many panels are needed for a particular situation is to use the illi panel calculator. Or, by contacting illi specialists and defining the size of the room, you will receive designer instructions on the required number of panels. 

  • installation of illi panels

Paneļu uzstādīšana

Can the panels be glued to the wall?

The panels can be glued to the wall with a suitable mounting glue. However, illi experts recommend fixing the panels to the wood lathing to ensure ventilation.

How to assemble the panels correctly?

We invite to install illi panels in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Installation instructions.

Does the panel come with a wooden lathing for panel installation?

No, wood lathing is not included. Everyone chooses and organizes the best and most suitable solution for a particular situation.

Are mounting screws included with the panel?

No, screws can be purchased separately in the illi e-store. We recommend using illi mounting screws that match the design and dimensions. 15 screws are required to mount one panel.

Can design panels be attached to the door?

The panels can be attached to almost any surface; however, before it is necessary to assess whether the panel will not affect the function of the door or other elements.

Can illi panels be installed in the bathroom?

Yes, it is possible, but the panels must not be in direct contact with water. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the panel must be in a place that is protected from direct contact with water. Also, the room should not have prolonged humidity. 

Can the panel be fixed on the floor?

We recommend placing the panels above the baseboard or at a distance from the floor to reduce the risk of exposure to moisture or mechanical damage.

Can these panels be mounted on walls with a radius?

Yes, the panel can be adapted to surfaces with a radius of up to 30°. For radius solutions, we recommend fixing the panels with screws instead of glue.

Can I order customized-size panels?

No, the panels are available in standard sizes - 600 x 2420 mm or 600 x 2780 mm. Custom size solutions are not offered. The dimensions of the panel can be easily adapted to the specific situation according to the manufacturer's instructions. See installation instructions.

What to do if there are sockets and switches on the wall?

All panels are fully customizable. Mark the exact cutout locations on the panel and carefully cut out the parts to adjust the panel according to the layout of the switches / sockets.

Are panels with lighting available? 

Panels with integrated lighting are not currently available. However, it is possible to incorporate lighting into the panels, but it is an individual choice of each customer. illi does not offer such a service.

Is it possible to order panels for delivery and assembly on site?

Yes. illi specialists survey the space for the panels, deliver the panels and assemble them on site. In such cases, we invite you to order panels and services in person at RIPO showrooms. The price of the services depends on the amount of the order and the location of the object.

  • Operation and maintenance


How to take care of illi panels?

No specific care is required. We recommend cleaning the panels with a dry cloth to minimize the risk of damage.

Can the panels be washed with a wet cloth?

No, it is not recommended to treat the panels with water or to apply water directly on the panels.

Can the panels be oiled?

The veneered panels can be treated with oil for a more lustrous look. The upper part of the veneered panel material is precious wood that can be oiled.

What to do if the panel is damaged?

No individual details of illi panels are offered separately. You must purchase a new panel and replace the defective one.

  • Return policy


How to return a product?

The return policy is in accordance with the right of cancellation defined by the GDPR. See the right of cancellation here.

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